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Private Investigators, Criminal Defense Investigators, CIVIL PROCESS SERVICE, Electronic Digital Surveillance Specialists, FORENSIC CELL PHONE EXAMINER, PRIVATE INVESTIGATOR TRAINING ACADEMY in Dallas, Fort Worth, Lewisville, McKinney, Denton, DFW, Texarkana, Tarrant County, Dallas County, Collin County, Kaufman County, Ellis County, Bowie County,

Dallas (Main): 972-798-7374 (Cell): 903-244-3965

Private Investigator Training available for Paralegals, Private Investigators, and criminal justice professionals

MJBGROUP is A Texas Regulated LLC: A17231 – F01224 – H03000

MJBGROUP Licensed Private Investigations, a Dallas based LLC, is providing a 48 hour training program for those desiring entry into the PRIVATE INVESTIGATOR FIELD.

You will receive an intense 48 hours of training. The skills you will learn will help you become a quality, professional detective.

Class attendees are responsible for paying only $350.00 for the 48 hour training class before the start of the first day. A deposit of $175.00 is required to reserve a seat.  You are urged to apply at the earliest time to be part of that selection pool.  

Candidates are responsible for verifying they meet the qualifications set forth in the Texas Private Security Bureau Administrative Rule 35 and Occupational Code 1702. Candidate who meet the requirements and regulations of the Texas Private Security Bureau, upon class completion, will be guided through the process to apply for their state issued PSB pocket card (Private Investigator License). Candidates are responsible for finding an insured/licensed private investigations company to sponsor their license.

While attending our Basic 48 hour Private Investigator Training course you will receive:

- Minimum 12 hours of surveillance training
- Interviews & Interrogations; An introduction to the most innovative approaches taught by the U.S. Army.
- A detailed understanding of blood spatter
- A virtual trip to the depths of crime scene investigations
- An overview of how to process a homicide crime scene
- An introduction to information security
- Locard’s trace evidence exchange principle
- Knowledge of how Sir Robert Peel influenced policing and investigations
- Understanding of Improvised Explosive Devices (IEDs)

You will also be taken into the realm of those terrorist organizations who threaten the United States.
In addition, you will be able to answer the following questions:

- Exactly what are the Fruits of a Poisonous Tree?

- How does the Exclusionary Rule apply and/or affect the security industry?

This extremely intense classroom and hands-on training provides those desiring to enter the profession that level of education and training equivalent to any professional police investigation training academy. We teach you investigations at the level of DETECTIVE; above that of an investigator.The instructor in this course holds PSB, TCOLE, Federal Agent Certification, and a Master’s Degree in Education.

Course Includes: Complete Private Investigator’s Handbook; power point presentations; role play scenario; Private Investigator Diploma leading that can lead to certification/licensing.  

Areas covered include:

  • Historical overview of private security Texas Civil and Criminal Laws as they apply to the private security industry
  • Report Writing for the Private Investigator Professional
  • Criminal and civil investigation techniques
  • Cold case investigations
  • In class and hands-on study into surveillance procedures and methodology
  • Crime scene investigations
  • Covert operations
  • Skip tracing
  • Understanding and Completing Background Investigations
  • Types of cases and how to conduct a proper investigation
  • Interview & Interrogation Procedures
  • Study of Verbal and Non-Verbal Communication
  • Stance and Relative Position
  • Use & introduction to Covert Electronic Equipment.
  • Business Crime Prevention Inspections and Surveys

Those interested in becoming a PRIVATE INVESTIGATOR please visit the Texas Private Security Bureau for prerequisites to enter this field.   Upon successful course completion participants will be offered guidance on completing the Private Investigator Licensure process.

Private Investigator 
Certification Course Training   48 HRS      $350.00

This private investigator training provides a thorough overview of private investigations in Texas, classroom presentation, and hands-on training to those interested in the field of private investigations.
Course Elements: *historical overview of private security; *Texas Civil and Criminal Laws as they apply to the private security industry; *Report Writing for the Private Investigator Professional; *criminal and civil investigation techniques; *cold case investigations; *in class and hands on study into surveillance procedures and methodology; *crime scene investigations; *covert operations; *skip tracing; *Understanding and Completing Background Investigations; *Types of cases and how to conduct a proper investigation; *in class and hands on Interview & Interrogation Procedures; *Study of Verbal and Non-Verbal Communication; *Stance and Relative Position; *Anti-terrorism overview; *Business Crime Prevention Inspections and Surveys; *and the use & introduction to Covert Electronic Equipment.  

Level II: Unarmed 
Security Officer Course
         10 HRS            $100.00

Exceeds Texas PSB training hour requirements
This course is for individuals wanting to get into private security. The course provides, at a minimum, state required curriculum for non-commissioned private security officer licensing.
Course Elements: Texas PSB (rules and occupation code); role of the security officer; police role; ethics; conduct; conflict resolution; use of force; self defense; PC Sec 9; arrest; radio-protocol; observe and report; exigent responses; PC Ch 46 - Weapons Defined. Course Includes: Manual; handouts; power point; role play scenario situations; State certificate and Diploma.

Level III: Commissioned
Security Officer Course
            45 HRS     $275.00

*The applicant will be responsible for completing the remaining 8 plus hours of weapons qualifications from a PSB CERTIFIED INSTRUCTOR.
Course Elements: Authority to arrest; use of force law; felonies; breach of peace; theft deterrence; surety; issues regarding concealed handgun license; field notes and report writing; crime scene protection; awareness skills; verbal and nonverbal communication skills; use of deadly force; conflict resolution; observe-orient-decide-act; firearms familiarization and weapons qualification. Course Includes: Manual; handouts; power point; role play scenario situations; State certificate and Diploma.

Level IV: (Bodyguard) 
Personal Protection Officer        
 16 HRS    $275.00 

This is a 16 hour Texas Department of Public Safety - Private Security Bureau (PSB) Level IV Personal Protection Officer (PPO) course. It satisfies State of Texas training requirements to work as a licensed Personal Protection Officer. Note: We do not administer the Minnesota Multiphasic Personality Inventory (MMPI) Test which is required for submission of a PPO license.   The instructor in this course is a retired federal agent with extensive close in VIP protection!

Continuing Education course(s)    
Most courses cover 8 hours of training. 
However, please call 972-798-7374 for additional course description(s). 

Submit Payment for Class Registration or Investigation Services.

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TX PSB Licenses: A17231, H03000, F01224

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