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Background Investigations

It is better to find the truth about someone sooner rather than later. Save yourself the pain of becoming physically, mentally, emotionally, or financially affected by someone who does not have your best interests at heart. MJB GROUP LLC will provide you with addresses, phone numbers, associates, social media networks, work history, criminal records, civil records, hidden assets, and due diligence search. Let us help you know the truth; the facts! 

Internet dating is certainly the new trend on how to meet the person of your dreams. This opens people up to becoming victims of sweetheart scams and other methods of deceit. Rather than blindly trusting this "virtual" person, let MJB GROUP LLC provide you with information that will allow you to determine if the individual is being truthful. Information we can provide includes:

  •   Real name
  •   Associates
  •   Date of birth
  •   Social media networks
  •   Addresses
  •   Work history
  •   Phone numbers
  •   Criminal/Civil records
  •   Marriage search
  •   Hidden assets
  •   Number of children
  •   Judgments
  •   Liens

Request a background search in two easy steps 

Requests will not be processed until both the Background Request Form and PayPal payment are submitted. If you experience any trouble completing either of these steps, please call 972-798-7374.

Step 1 

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Background Request Form

Fill form in completely and accurately then click 'Submit.' ALL FIELDS ARE REQUIRED. If all fields are not provided, request may not be processed correctly. MJBGROUP is not responsible for incorrect results if all requested information is not provided accurately.

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 Client Information
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Client agrees that no agent of
MJBGROUP Investigations has made any promise or guarantee regarding the outcome of their case or facts gathered during the investigation performed by MJBGROUP Investigations. Client understands that MJBGROUP Investigations may withdraw from this contract if Client should fail to pay all fees and costs set forth below. MJBGROUP Investigations reserves the right to decline or terminate any assignment it deems to be illegal or unethical. 


Although MJBGROUP Investigations endeavors to utilize sources of information known for reliability and timeliness, we cannot, and do not guarantee the accuracy of any information used in the preparation of reports. Client does hereby bind his/her heirs, executors, and legal representatives to the terms of this contract as set forth herein. Client hereby agrees to protect, indemnify, defend and hold harmless MJBGROUP Investigations and its employees, from all costs, claims, demands, and causes of action based on the accuracy or inaccuracy of any information obtained from any third party or source. Client further agrees to indemnify and hold harmless MJBGROUP Investigations and its employees against any and all liability claims including, but not limited to, libel, slander and defamation, suits, losses, costs, and legal fees caused by, arising out of, or resulting from any report, investigation, or work done by MJBGROUP Investigations


The Client is responsible to safeguard the information provided from unauthorized third party disclosure as defined by the Gramm-Leach-Biley Act (GLBA), Drivers Privacy Protection Act (DPPA), Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA), and Right to Financial Privacy Act RFPA) and applicable state and federal laws and regulations. It is incumbent upon the Client and his/her representatives to be fully knowledgeable about such laws and regulations and/or seek legal counsel prior to dissemination of reported information. Furthermore, the Client affirms the information provided by MJBGROUP Investigations and /or learned during the investigation shall be used in a lawful manner, in conformity with state and federal law, and that said information will not be used for harassment, stalking, intimidation, threatening, physical harm, or any other illegal purposes. By contracting for any service, which may require MJBGROUP Investigations obtaining information regarding a third party, Client warrants they have a legitimate and permissible purpose in requesting that information. Client affirms that there are no restraining orders in place preventing client from undertaking this investigation.



All investigative findings furnished to Client are exclusively for Client’s own use. Client agrees to restrict the dissemination of said findings only to third parties who have a legitimate need to know, and/or authorized by law. Client will hold MJBGROUP Investigations harmless from damages, losses, costs, or expenses, including attorney fees, suffered or incurred in connection with or arising out of claims based on investigative findings provided to Client, and for which Client fails to keep strictly confidential. MJBGROUP Investigations will keep findings strictly confidential and will not disseminate or release any findings to third parties unless authorized in writing by the Client, or court ordered

Step 2

Submit Payment

Select the appropriate amount from the drop-down box and click the Pay Now button to submit payment.
For requests submitted Monday through Friday (before 5 PM), results will be provided via email within 24 hours.
For requests submitted after 5 PM on Friday, results will be provided no later than end of day on the following Monday.

 Requests will not be processed until both the Background Request Form and PayPal payment are submitted. If you experience any trouble completing either of these steps, please call 972-798-7374.

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